SAN Training Institutes In Hyderabad

Complete Open Source Solution

COSS is committed to providing training in various open source technologies for students, professionals and executives working and preparing to make meaningful contributions in the increasingly competitive market. This mission is accomplished primarily through quality education taught by seasoned professionals with expertise progressive technologies. COSS has grown over 100% in top line and bottom line since its inception and plans to support growth in the years to come. Our motto is "Improving Business depth open source" clearly defines the objectives of our organization is to provide the highest quality and cost effective deliverables. We intend to reach the position that we are looking for partners such as Red Hat India and a focus on strategic accounts and key verticals that we choose to serve.

Presentation of the company COSS was established in 2004 with a strategic vision of a team of academics and entrepreneurs to Hyderabad. With its inherent strengths of intellectual capital and vast abundance of professionals and students, Hyderabad has a potential to play a central role in the new world of business. COSS is to propel the state and the country as a whole, to a bold and confident future by empowering individuals and corporate houses. Based in Hyderabad, COSS has carved a niche for itself in the field of IT education in a short training span.Linux, RHCSA Certification Training, RHCT Certification Training, Advanced Training Solaris, Sun Certification Training, HP-UX training in administration, Shell Scripting Training, Computer Networking Training in Hyderabad IBM - AIX Certification Training in Hyderabad, Storage Area Network (SAN) training in Hyderabad

Service Offering:
SAN Training Administration, Solaris Administration Training, Storage Area Network (SAN) training, training centers VMWare, HP-UX Administration Training, Linux Administration Training, RHCSS training centers, training centers RHCA, RHCE Certification Training, Certification RHCT training, advanced training centers Solaris, IBM AIX - Certification Training, Linux Training, training centers Unix, Shell Scripting training.

Certification Training Courses:
Cost of training: 5000-10000, more than 20,000
Mode: Corporate Training, onsite computer training, Computer Training in class
Level: Professional Job Oriented
Duration: short term,
Type of course: Certification
Class Type: Classes weekend classes daily, evening classes, summer courses, courses
User: Pupils, students, engineering students, professionals, office staff.